Welcome to My National Park Travel Journal!

Welcome to my National Park Travel Journal! Just to fill you in on this, my husband and I have set a family goal to visit all 61 National Parks in the United States with my 4 boys before my oldest leaves for college. So that gives us about 7 years left to accomplish this goal! We have all gotten our National Park Passports and have been stamping away when we go to each one! We have been to 15 Parks at this point so I will be posting on the previous parks that we have visited and updating when we visit more throughout the year. Because there are so many and only 7 years left, we plan aggressively … we group the parks by location and proximity to other parks and try to visit several on each trip. For instance, our summer trip this year was to Colorado and we visited all 4 parks in Colorado (Rocky Mountain, Mesa Verde, Great Sand Dunes, and Black Canyon of the Gunnison). We take trips on Spring Break, Summer Break, and Fall Break. I hope you enjoy watching and reading about our family adventures as we continue to explore God’s incredible creation!

I hope this encourages YOU to take a trip yourself with friends or family. We have been absolutely BLOWN away by each one and how unique, diverse, and beautiful they are. God is so awesome!! Hope to see you on the trail!

P.S. Just a shout out to our friends Joel and Nathan Anderson at Anderson Design Group! They have helped us decorate our home and offices with incredible artwork from the National Parks. Check out their collections.

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